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Revitalise Refresh Renew

I can still remember the pressing 'publish' on the website a year and a half ago and it felt like everything was finally official! The website and Facebook page signalled the launch of Sign & Rhyme and it was now 'out there' and could be seen by anyone!

Since then the website has been updated with course info each term and a bit of tinkering here and there but no major changes. Once I reached my year and half milestone of being in business, I then went on a mission to revamp it! I wanted to make it more concise, easier to navigate, stronger branding and my favourite change... the inclusion of Sign & Rhyme Superstars. We now have photos of some Sign & Rhyme kids doing signs!

Loving the refreshed look and feel and can't wait for others to experience the new and improved Sign & Rhyme Website.

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