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About Sign & Rhyme, Reviews & Superstars

This page will hopefully give you more of a 'feel' for Sign & Rhyme and our courses.  You'll get to hear what people thought of our classes, get introduced to Kirsty Stone and see some of our gorgeous Sign & Rhyme Superstars sharing some of their fab signing skills.  

At the end of each term, I ask our parents for feedback on their Sign and Rhyme classes.  This is what some of them had to say below.  If you'd like to see more detailed reviews & recommendations, please check out our Facebook Recommendations and / or Google Reviews.

"Loved everything!  Thank you!! 30 min classes are fab!"

"We really enjoyed our Fridays & learning new signs. You do a fantastic job of mixing up the songs, stories etc"

"Thanks so much Kirsty.  This has been a great way to learn so many signs"

"Enjoyed very much!  Thank you. Loved everything"

"Love the follow up emails – so useful to be able to back as a refresher. Thank you – we’ve LOVED it"

"Your love for babies and passion for sign shows and it was such a pleasure to see your lovely smiling self each week. Thanks again"

"It was all great, really enjoyed it and highly recommend to others"

"We love how interactive Kirsty is and is very kind & gentle with the kids. She relates well to all Mums and encourages us so well."

Sign & Rhyme Superstars

One of my favourite moments is when a parent shares that their child has started signing. 

Depending on what age they start with us, sometimes it is towards the end of their first term and other times I get a message after the course has finished sharing their excitement.  Here is a small selection of our Sign & Rhyme Superstars.... (Tap on the photo for a description).

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Sign & Rhyme logo with photo and name of Kirsty Stone.

Hi, I'm Kirsty and welcome to Sign & Rhyme!  I experienced the amazing benefits of Signing with both my kids and wanted to find a way of sharing that with other parents.

Before having kids, I worked in training and continuous improvement and really enjoyed helping people learn and develop.   Once I'd gained the 'Mum' badge, I gravitated towards supporting parents with young children through voluntary roles with Parents Centre and Mainly Music.

In addition to completing a course in New Zealand Sign Language to compliment what I'd learnt in the UK, I became the 'Baby Sign' guest speaker at local 'Space' parenting programmes.   This made me realise that a long held dream could become a reality.  In 2019, I decided the time was right to combine my skills from my training background, volunteering roles, personal experience of signing and passion sharing it with parents.... and Sign & Rhyme was born!

It has been a fantastic experience and I truly love every aspect of it!  From creating the course content, to running the classes with wonderful parents and gorgeous kids and then getting excited messages from parents when their kids start signing... what's not to love!?! 

I've decided that one of my drivers in life is helping people so if you want help signing with your little one, please get in touch.

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