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Sign & Rhyme Courses

Fun, engaging, interactive and beneficial! All the attributes of a great activity to do with your little one.  Sign & Rhyme courses are all these things and more!

The key details of our courses are summarised below and are designed for families with hearing children.  In all our classes you'll learn a mix of fun and practical signs from New Zealand Sign Language supported by links to the New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary in the reference information provided.

Courses detailed below:

> Weekly Classes

> Overview Session

> Book Your Own

Kirsty from Sign & Rhyme holding the hands of a standing baby
Courses: Courses & Programs

Weekly Classes

Come & join us for a fun mix of signing, songs, nursery rhymes, books, peekaboo and bubbles!   The small class sizes helps ensure you both get the most out of the sessions.

Class Content

Each week you'll learn new key signs & recap those from previous weeks. We use well known children's songs, nursery rhymes and books to teach the signs and entertain the little ones.

Location of Classes

Three locations in Auckland & online

* Freemans Bay Community Centre

* North Shore: Meadowood Community Centre

* Hobsonville Point:  Headquarters - Te Mahere

Age Range

There are generally 2 types of class; 

* 'Babes' (up to 1 yr) and
* 'Toddlers & Babes' 

Same content just different class dynamics!

Duration & Frequency

The 'weekly classes' course contains 8 or  9 weekly sessions during school term time. Classes last for 30 mins.  

Upcoming dates are listed on our 'Book Online' page


The price is per family and is payable during the booking process. It is dependent on the number of sessions.

* 9 sessions is $100

* 8 sessions is $90

* 4 sessions is $45

Supporting Information

To support your learning & experience, supporting information is provided before, during and at the end of your course. This includes an invitation to join the 'Overview Session' detailed below at no extra charge.

Courses: Clients
Reading & Signing a Book in the Toddlers class
Babes Class
Babes Class
Courses: Clients

Online Weekly Course

A great alternative for those looking for the benefits of learning signs in music based sessions but are unable to attend our local classes or would prefer online.

This interactive online course is designed to do at home with your little one. The half an hour sessions filled with songs, rhymes, books and of course... signs!  You'll get to learn a mix of NZ Sign Language Signs whilst having a fun session with your baby or toddler.

The full course is 8 weeks.  There is also a half course option which is the first 4 sessions.  

Courses: Courses & Programs

Check out some feedback from parents on the 'About Sign & Rhyme'  or more detailed recommendations about the 'in person' and online classes on the 'Facebook Reviews Page'.  Alternatively if you are ready to book, head straight to the 'Book Online' to secure your place!

Courses: Text
Young child smiling & sitting on couch with online class in background
Mum & baby on floor with toys and online class
Toddler signing during online course
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Courses: Clients

Overview Session

This one-off 'Introduction to Signing with your Little One' is a great opportunity to get started.  It is ideal for partners or other key caregivers (eg grandparents) to also attend and hear first hand what it's all about!

Class Content

> How to effectively sign with your little one
> The benefits for your child and your family
> Tips on how to build signing into your day
> Signing with books and songs
> Recommended signs to start with

Format of Classes

This session currently runs as an online interactive class. 

It is 1 hour in duration and the 8pm start will hopefully allow for some little ones to go to bed first. If your babe is still up, no problem, you can all join!

Age Range

If you have a child up to the age of 2 years old and you would like to sign with them,  this session is ideal.  


$25 for your family.

In addition to the Overview session, you'll also receive a Top Tips Sheet following the class.

Courses: Clients

If this sounds like what you are after, book your place now on the 'Book Online' page.

Courses: Text

Book Your Own!

If you'd like to book your own private or group session, please get in touch to discuss! 

Ideal for coffee groups, play groups or Early Educational Centres.

Class Content

We can look at arranging a block of weekly classes or your own Overview session. Can be online or in person.

Alternatively if you'd like a bespoke session, let's explore options to suit your requirements.


If classes are from our standard offering, $25 per family for the 1 hr Overview Session or a block of music based classes ($45 for 4 sessions).  This can be increased or reduced as it suits.  Minimum 5 attendees.

Bespoke sessions - to be agreed.

Courses: Clients

If you would like to discuss options and ideas, you can get in touch using the  'Contact' section or complete one of the linked forms on the 'Book Online' page.

Courses: Text

If you have any questions about our courses, you can use the 'Contact' info on the Home Page or explore the site further

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