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Term 3 bookings are underway and many classes are now fully booked.  The available courses are shown below, select the one that suits you best.

If you'd like more information before booking, these related pages may help:

Signing & Benefits will give you a broad overview about signing with your little one,

Sign & Rhyme Courses details the different courses on offer and what you can expect

About Sign & Rhyme, Reviews & Signing Superstars will give you a feel for what Sign & Rhyme is all about.

If you would like to register your interest for future courses, join the mailing list or explore booking your own sessions, please get in touch.  A Contact form & details are on the home page.

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Gift Certificates

Is there someone that would like to buy you or your little one a gift and doesn't know what to buy?

Perhaps there someone special that you'd like to gift a Sign & Rhyme Course to?  Many people value experiences rather than items and Sign & Rhyme is a wonderful experience to gift. 

Sign & Rhyme classes offer fun quality time together for the parent & child as well as learning an awesome skill at the same time!  The parent gets to learn all about signing with their baby or toddler and help them to communicate earlier and more effectively.

There are two options to choose from

  • $45 - a 4 week online course

  • $90 or $100 - A full Term of classes in Unsworth Heights, Hobsonville Pt or Online 

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Signing & Benefits

Sign & Rhyme Courses

About Us, Reviews & Signing Superstars

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