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Happy 3rd Birthday Sign & Rhyme!

Happy Birthday Sign & Rhyme - celebrating 3 years!

What an amazing 3 years it's been... From my first class with just a few people to helping over 50 families each week this term.

This clip is an insight to Sign & Rhyme and my days... Filled with gorgeous kids, lovely parents & grandparents, singing songs that make you happy, playing peekaboo, lots of bubbles... And of course the all important signs!

So many of you have supported me in this journey, I am forever grateful and is truly appreciated. It is busy with toooo many late nights but so worth it .

One of the best bits is the feedback from parents and then getting messages from them sharing their excitement at their little one signing and say how much it is helping them. It is awesome!

3 years and counting! Looking forward to seeing where it goes in the next year

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