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Instagram - here we come!

From a social media point of view, I've been using Facebook to promote and help manage Sign & Rhyme. It has a lot of functionality that is really useful like creating 'Events' for the courses and 'Groups' for each of the classes. I had resisted going onto Instagram as I didn't want to spend even more time scrolling aimlessly and being a visual person, I knew I'd like Instagram and would get easily distracted!

After talking with friends, I was finally convinced that it would be a good move for Sign & Rhyme and after 4 days of using it... I'm loving it! The use of hashtags is so useful in connecting with people who are interested in Baby Signing or are real advocates of it. I'm finding people are more engaged on it too which is great.

Still learning and getting to grips with the differences to Facebook but I'm enjoying it. I'll still use Facebook so no need to worry if you haven't joined Instagram. If you are on Insta, it would be great to connect at @signandrhymenz. See you there!

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