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Lockdown Lowdown

In term 4 last year, we got through our first term in 2020 without any lockdowns and it was great. I love face to face classes and the energy and gorgeous interactions you get with them.

I was hoping for the same in 2021 but alas it wasn't to be. Fortunately I now have an online version of every class now so it was no problem to slip into online mode and deliver the classes using Zoom.

It's a great alternative and means that our parents and bubs don't have to miss out on any classes, content or more importantly signs! Another benefit is that if naps coincide with classes, the Mums no longer have that tricky decision to make of 'should we stay home or should I wake them up'... they can just leave their bubs sleeping whilst they learn the songs and signs. I also love the Lockdown dress code: 'comfy' is me to a tee!

Let's hope we'll be back to being in person very soon!

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