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Happy Birthday to Sign & Rhyme!

It's officially one year since I hit 'Publish' on our website and Facebook page! All the dreams and plans were suddenly a reality and out there in the big wide world. It wasn't long until I had my first booking (I can still remember how excited I was!) and I haven't looked back.

What an amazing year it has been. I've met so many gorgeous babies and lovely parents and have experienced the love and energy that comes from parents having fun and engaging with their babies. Wednesday mornings at Meadowood Community Centre with the weekly classes are always a highlight of my week.

During this 12 months well over 200 families have been introduced to Signing with their Babies either through Sign & Rhyme weekly classes, one off sessions or as a guest speaker at Space sessions. It's amazing when I hear from some of those families how much fun they've had, see a great review get posted and hear about the joy when their child starts signing.

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for Sign & Rhyme and looking forward to meeting all the new families that have yet to experience what Baby Signing is all about.

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