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Hello Term 3!

It's a wonderful feeling to have people wanting to attend Sign & Rhyme courses and even more so when they contact me before their baby has been born! It's happened a few times now and I can't think of a bigger compliment - firstly that someone has recommended the classes to someone that hasn't even had their baby yet and secondly, how organised those Mums-to-be are!

Term 3 is the biggest term so far in terms of number of classes and number of parents & kids coming to those classes. This term sees a total of 6 classes, 3 at Hobsonville Point and 3 in Unsworth Heights on the North Shore of Auckland. Love doing back to back classes as I can then offer some flexibility to parents to attend another time if naps go on longer than planned or appointments come up.

In addition to the weekly classes, I'm also repeating the 4 week Mini-Course that is done online for those people that aren't local. Same course and content, just done in the comfort of your own home.

Exciting things in development for Term 4 so it's all go with Sign & Rhyme!

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