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"Feedback is a Gift"

We used to say the phrase often when I worked in Continuous Improvement and Training and when the feedback looks and sounds like this.... even better!.

In addition to the quarterly Overview Sessions I run, groups can also book for their own session. This feedback was from a private session I ran for a large group and the chat at the end of the class was filled with lovely comments like this! I have two more images just like these two!

The Overview Session is an explanation of what signing with your little one is all about, the benefits, top tips, resources and of course.... some signs! There are two versions - one with babies/toddlers and one without - this one is generally at night once the little ones are in bed.

I really do LOVE what I do and the positive impact Sign & Rhyme and signing can have on their lives.

If you and some friends would be interested in booking your own session, please send me a message.

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